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" NEW " SMART PHONE kit for your I phone or android . control your lights from your phone

Featured products

  • single and multi color strips sold by the foot
  • work and strobe lights , led strip lights
  • emergency grade strobe kits
  • boat kits and led bulbs
  • golf cart kits

Featured products

10 pod single color kits

  • 14 pod single color kits with remotes
  • single color strip kits
  • off road lighting floods & spots
  • under glow for cars and trucks
  • smart phone kits for led underglow
  • 10 pod 6 strip 7 color multi kits
  • 10 pod 7 color with remote
  • 15 color strip kits
  • snowmobile safety light systems

Featured products

Strip lighting for home , decks , under cabinet , pools ,and more

"NEW" single color strip kit 10 feet of strips cut to fit your sled , bike , car , or truck

14 pod kit with remote for motorcycles led lighting

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