Stand out from the rest and be seen where ever you are.


Keep your hands on the handle bars were they belong  with our trail buddies and TB2's
Applications for all vehicles from corvette's to boats and everything in between. If you have a want for something to be lit up and you can't find it on our site just contact us and we can make it happen.
We don't just deal with auto and power sports ether. We handle the most elegant lighting out there from china cabinets to crown moldings .We have a professional installation team to bring it to your home ,bar, or place of business .We are  fully insured and we travel.  Free .estimates
.We offer some of the brightest LED's in todays market and the most durable and we back it with a lifetime warranty!

Welcome to LED Powersports, your store for all your LED Under glow needs. Our kits can be installed on motorcycles, cars, boats, or anything else with a 9-24 volt power supply. We're dedicated power sports enthusiasts and are eager to help answer all of  your questions about our products.

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